Biketeez is an online shop specialising in motorbike T-shirts. We know how hard it is to get interesting, original designs on good quality Tshirts, so we decided to design and supply our own! Our designs focus on motorcycles, particularly classic bikes.
Biketeez is part of the Flipteez brand, managed by design and communication consultancy Credos Associates, based in Brisbane Australia. Our T-shirts are printed by a local, reliable Australian company who run the latest high tech fabric printers using ecologically sound inks for a high quality result. When you order from Biketeez your order will be processed by the printer, so should you have any enquiries about your order please contact them direct by replying to your order email or by logging in to your account to check your order status.
Our classic motorcycle engine design series features designs by international photographer Daniel Peirce, who is a professional photographer specialising in motorcycles and cars. Daniel works as the head of photography for two of the largest distributors of motorcycle parts and accessories in the USA, producing photography for catalogues and magazine advertising. The engine photographs used on our Tshirt designs are reproduced with the permission of the photographer. 
Please note all product designs and images on this website are copyright and must NOT be used without our express permission. Contact us if you'd like to know more.